Information magazine for nursing students FLAP

Casacrule was introduced in Vol. 57 May issue.

Yomiuri Shimbun (evening edition) U-2000

MEMORU tissue case was introduced.

→ Super colored pencil drawing lesson (Mates publishing)

PATATTOmini was introduced as “a useful tool if it is for easy writing.”

TRAMPIN ‘series Really comfortable mountain tent night guide (Earth circle)

PATATTO mini was introduced in the corner of ‘Mountain tools evolving day by day! CAMPING GEAR’.


August issue carrel eye PATATTO 300 was introduced at the corner of “active in summer, folding chair”.

Nikkei TRENDY (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)

TOMARU CUSHION COVER” was introduced in the corner of TRENDY GOODS GRANDPRIX 2017.

Ground (JA Groove Family Guild of Light)

EMORU (memo) tissue case was introduced in the “October issue of the ground” “catch & release”.

Nippon Travel agency newspaper

“Chopstick rest lunch mat” was introduced at the product · trend corner.