If you use a media wall
with no scratches your room
you can lay out the wall freely



Der wall exclusive shelf cradle

Dia wall exclusive

Q & A

Can I use a horizontal wall like a stick wearing a dear wall?

It can not be used.

Please make sure to stretch vertically vertically.

I cut wood a bit short. Can you use as it is?

It can be used if the length too far from the original length is 4 mm.
Please insert the attached spacer (thickness 2 mm) into the bottom pad and adjust.

How much load can a Deer Wall withstand?

It varies greatly depending on usage. Please refer to the example of construction posted in the
gallery and install it while checking the situation yourself.

Do you leave traces on the ceiling or floor after using the Diawall for a long time?

If you stretch it with proper dimensions, basically no trace will remain.
However, depending on the type of ceiling material and flooring material, traces may be left.

Why are there height restrictions on 1 x 4 and 1 x 6 Deer Walls?

This is because 1 × 4 material and 1 × 6 material are thinner and easier to bend than 2 × 4 materials and 2 × 6 materials.

Can I paint the color of the dear wall?

Coloring is possible.

Because the body of the deal wall is made of ABS resin, please use the corresponding paint.

Is it okay to climb up or weigh on the pillars and objects to be mounted on the wall?

Do not do it absolutely because it is dangerous.
In addition, such as attaching doors, dealing with deadwalls and attaching objects that are weight-intensive may have a risk of falling.

When making shelves with the DiaWall, how long can you put the shelf in front?

As shown in the figure below, please be within 40 mm from the surface of the wood used for the pillar.
If you do not have a chance, do not fall over by putting legs on the shelf board, or keep the center of gravity of the shelf and shelf together within the blue area shown in the figure below.


Can I place it on the carpet?

It can not be installed.

It is because there is a risk of falling when the carpet shifts.

Can you place it on the tatami floor or cushion floor?

The bottom pad of the Dear Wall sinks down, and the pushing force may weaken.
Please install measures to prevent the floor material from sinking, such as installing a wider board so as not to slip.

Can it be installed away from the wall?

It can not be installed.

When installing in a place away from the wall, such as partitions, the risk of falling is increased.

Can it be installed in a slope?

It can not be installed.

Please place it on a place where the floor and ceiling are level.

Can it be installed in places subject to vibration or shock?

It can not be installed.

Likewise, please do not install such thing as adding vibration and shock to the dea wall and the attachment.

Is it possible to place it in a place with a lot of water or where it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time?

It can not be installed.
In addition, please do not install in the place where deafwall (ABS resin) and degradation of wood are promoted.

Can I use Deer Wall as a furniture fall prevention device?

It can not be used.
There is no function for preventing fallen furniture in the Dear Wall.

Is it safe to install a railing with a few doors of a deer wall?

You can not install a handrail on a pillar standing with a dear wall.