Let’s make a basic shelf using the DiaWall.
Enjoy various arrangements as you get used to it.



Der wall exclusive shelf cradle

Ceiling Height of place to install 2 × 4 material for pillars - length of 45 mm

2 x 4 material for shelf board Your preferred length

Driver or electric screwdriver


How To

We measure the height of the ceiling at the place where shelves are to be placed and calculate the length of the necessary timber. At this time, we also decide the width of the shelf.

Prepare 2 x 4 material. 2 x 4 material can be purchased at a nearby home center etc.

We will install two 2 x 4 materials for pillars using Dea Wall. At this time separate by the length of the shelf board.

Fasten the shelf rest to the wood set up in STEP 3 with the attached screws. Please fasten the person who mentioned "strut surface".

Place the shelf board on the shelf rest installed in STEP 4 and fasten with the attached screw from the bottom.


In the case of a shelf using 2 × 4 material and 1 × 4 material, there is no problem even if it is installed in a finished state as long as the place can be secured.